Sounds by Strictly 3rd April 2021


Ebo Taylor - Love and Death 

Tampo - Keumgang

Hariri - Harari 

Balla Et Ses Balladins - Paulette 

Rui Morais - N’Gui Messene Uamufuno

Mac Miller -What’s the Use?

Carlos Nino and Friends - pleasewakeupalittlefaster please… 

Liza - Done is Done 

Jay Glavany - Good Things

Mustafa - Ali

Facta - Verge 

T-Bai, Percy Piffus - Right Now 

Skiifall feat. Knucks - Tuing Tun Up 

Westside Gunn - TV Boy

Sons of Kemet, Kojey Radical - Hustle

Sister Nancy -Bam Bam

Sons of Kemet - My Queen Is Albertina Sisulu


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